New Beginnings

It’s January 1, the first day of a brand new year, and that means you’re probably inundated with businesses and organizations and every website you’ve ever visited delivering messages of new beginnings. Well, here at the CAMWS Grad Student Issues Committee blog, we’re no different, but our new beginning is perhaps more literal.

With the exception of one post presaging the revitalization of this blog, CAMWSgrads has been silent for more than a year. In our archives is some good content, though, designed to engage with different important aspects of a graduate student’s experience: presenting at conferences, publishing, teaching, work/life balance, Halloween, etc. But these long form posts are years old now and covered with a layer of digital dust. So we’re starting over, beginning anew.

This year, GSIC has made it a goal to focus on our online presence, including our social media and this blog. We want to provide a platform and a voice for graduate students in CAMWS and classics more generally, and we can’t do that if our platforms are silent. To that end, it’s a brand new beginning for the GSIC blog. Our old content is still there, but we’ve revamped the format to make it a little easier to access cross-platform. More importantly, we’ll be generating new content more frequently and opening up the blog to other graduate students in classics to share their research, advice, and frustrations.  We’ll be taking the time to introduce our committee—both its members and its raison d’être—and our programming at the CAMWS annual conference so that you can learn a little more about us and what we do. We’ll present opportunities for grad students within CAMWS and the annual meeting, as well as advice for travelling and presenting as a graduate student. But we’ll also be sharing graduate student research and tales from the “outside” — spouses of classical studies grad students, undergrads interested in applying, reflections from those who have left grad school.

So why do this? There’s plenty of classical studies blogs and online magazines out there already, why add another to the mix? Well, we want to help contribute to the broader community of graduate students in classical studies specifically by providing a platform and a voice not only for scholarship but also for the other things that impact our lives on a daily basis. The CAMWSgrads blog is designed to be a place for graduate students and by graduate students to showcase what we do and to help each other through.

Twitter exchange between Matt Gabriele (@prof_gabriele) and Eidolon editor-in-chief Dr. Donna Zuckerberg (@donnazuck).
Twitter exchange between Matt Gabriele (@prof_gabriele) and Eidolon editor-in-chief Dr. Donna Zuckerberg (@donnazuck) underlining the importance of graduate student work.

Our new beginning, then: same organization, same URL (for now), new engagement. We hope that you’ll join us here to create a digital community of classics grad students and help us reshape the content and scope of this blog. Our contributions and our community are important, and CAMWS GSIC will do what we can to support both.

Have an idea you’d like to contribute? Pitch me at

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