International Cat Day, Classics Edition

Today, August 8, 2019, is International Cat Day (alternatively, World Cat Day). This "holiday" began in 2002 as a way to raise awareness for cats, and I can't imaging anything that the internet was made more explicitly for than this! So feast your eyes on this collection of celebrating cats in the style of Classical Studies.

Hail and Well Met: Gaming at Academic Conferences

As we speak, tens of thousands of gamers are gathering in Indianapolis for Gen Con, the country’s largest table-top gaming convention. This seems like the appropriate moment to talk not about conferences on games but rather games at conferences. This is no new idea— gaming has been an increasingly popular topic within academia, as a pedagogical tool and research material. But gaming has a special place at conferences that’s worth diving into.

Whose Conference Is It Anyway?

But while I’ve enjoyed being an audience to improv techniques, I’ve never thought about throwing my hat in the ring. It turns out, however, that improv skills can be applied to other environments and may even be useful in helping us survive graduate school.... In particular, using the principles of improv comedy may help the conference experience.

CAMWS 2020 and Future GSIC Programming

Though it’s only a few short weeks since the 2019 conference, GSIC is already hard at work planning our programming for the next conference. Part of this is inspiration from the amazing papers and panels at the last conference, but another part is inspired by some of the lacunae noted in the field by other graduate students.

CAMWS 2019 In Review

At the CAMWS 2019 Annual Meeting, GSIC hosted our standard panel and workshop, along with a round table lunch and a well-attended happy hour! This week we wanted to include write-ups of our sponsored events, as reminders for those who attended and as a resource for those who couldn't!

Letter of Support for LCC, WCC, COGSIP, and CSJ

The CAMWS Executive Committee’s decision to host the 2023 CAMWS annual meeting at Brigham Young University has come under intense scrutiny. As many groups have pointed out to CAMWS leadership, BYU enacts policies and honor codes that infringe on free speech and free expression of self, and actively endanger the safety and well-being of LGBTQ members of the community.


We're in the thick of things at the 2019 CAMWS annual meeting, so rather than writing any long-form content we wanted to feature grad student live-tweets of some of the papers that have been presented so far!

Go Beyond the Meeting in Lincoln

Conferences can be overwhelming experiences for many, featuring large groups of people, lots of social situations, strictly-regulated schedules, and often very little sleep. Remembering to take time for yourself in these situations is crucial. Moreover, conferences also provide us with opportunities to visit new locations. In the name of self-care and exploration, then, let me attempt to make the case for taking some time after-hours, or before-hours, or when you need it to explore some attractions in Lincoln.

How to Be Sick in Grad School

I’ve been trying to catch up on the work and classes that I missed and am only starting to get back on my feet now. All of which got me thinking about the plight of being sick while being a grad student. Getting sick is a wonderfully universal human experience — we have billion dollar industries dependent on this fact — yet getting sick as a grad student comes with a special set of repercussions.

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