Coming Soon: The New CAMWS Grads Blog

After a hiatus of almost a year, the CAMWS Grads blog is planning a return -- with a vengeance.


Classical Studies and Halloween

As a grad student, this can be a precarious time of year, bringing with it cooler weather, midterms, lengthening nights, paper-writing, falling leaves, and — most importantly — the festivities of Halloween.  Many of you may already have seen costumed revelers or prepared celebrations yourselves; after all, a party in the middle of the semester... Continue Reading →

First-time Teaching of a Large Lecture Course

By: Prof. Christopher P. Craig and Dr. Taimi Olsen - University of Tennesee Knoxville (; Full version (including endnotes) published in The Classical Outlook, Vol. 89.3 (Spring 2012). Original oral paper delivered at GSIC panel, organized by Jennifer LaFleur, at the annual CAMWS meeting in Baton Rouge, LA, in March of 2012. For many of our... Continue Reading →

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